The most widespread consequences of slip and fall accidents: top 4 injuries

Being involved into a fall accident, people may face to different injuries. The total annual number of injuries in the USA is more than a million cases. Speaking about the particular types of injuries Michael Brook attorneys distinguish the following ones:
• Fractures. Those injuries are the most widespread ones. Referring to senior citizens, fractures are especially dangerous.
• Brain injuries. Falling both on same and upper level, people frequently get brain injuries that lead to continuous rehabilitation.
• Cord injuries. Those injuries are understood among the most serious ones as they frequently lead to a person’s disability.
• Dislocations. Facing to dislocations, injured persons frequently need several days of rehabilitation.
Thus, injuries are of different severity. Some injuries demand serious treatment (surgery, for instance) and therefore much funds are spent. Those expenses should be compensated but pay attention that professional legal assistance is demanded. Otherwise, compensation getting becomes almost impossible.