New and effective permanent eyebrows tattoo that provides perfect result

Such cosmetic technique as eyebrows microblading is an injecting of colouring pigment under the skin in the eyebrows area. It allows forgetting about necessity of everyday makeup applying for a long time. Waking up every morning you always have beautiful and natural eyebrows shape.

This procedure excludes using any machines therefore microblading is also called manual tattoo makeup. There it is important to apply only qualified specialists. They use special pen with micro blade on its end and create effect of natural hair with its help. This procedure is quite new but it is gaining popularity quickly.

Among the advantages of the microblading the following ones can be pointed out:

  •         It takes a few time.
  •         The procedure is almost painless.
  •         Ideal shape and color of eyebrows can be achieved after the first procedure.
  •         Healing period is rather short without swelling.
  •         Absence of age limits (all women may apply this cosmetic manipulations).

The main disadvantage is its expensiveness but the final result exceeds all expectations. Besides the effect is continuous – about 1,5-2 years.