Birth marks and laser epilating technique: can those events be mixed or not?

On the one hand, laser epilating is truly brilliant and effective beauty service that makes your dream of smooth skin come true. On the other hand those who have birth marks are afraid of such procedure. Are birth marks counter indications for the procedure or not? Let’s find an answer.
Birth marks are considered as concentration of cells producing melanin. Laser waves affect melanin pigment that is contained in follicles mostly but at the same time isolation may be partially oriented to birth marks as well.
In fact, birth marks are not considered as counter indication for laser epilating technique but consultation with an experienced dermatologist is demanded foremost.
In the majority of beauty salons laser hair removal cost is totally affordable therefore the most reliable ones should be picked up where experienced and professional cosmetologists work. Powerful laser equipment of the last generation is demanded as well.
Pay attention that in case of any changes of birth marks after the procedure (color, shape, size), you need to apply immediately to a doctor.