3 basic recommendations for a washroom planning from professional designers

A bathroom is frequently underestimated as a room. We spend there at least 2 hours per day. Moreover that is a place where our day starts and ends. Apart from everyday procedures most people adore relaxing there after a hard working day. Thus, a bathroom interior should be well planned to feel comfortable there.
Professional designers advise taking into account the following recommendations:
• Use pastel tones for a washroom interior design. Those colors enlarge the space visually and help us relaxing. Bright colors can be also used but not as the dominating ones.
Custom bathroom furniture should be selected instead of ready-made units because dimensions, design and even functionality must be well planned in order to get perfectly suitable items.
• Use lighting fixtures and mirrors to make your washroom contemporary and comfortable.
In fact bathroom furniture becomes the key points of the interior design. Either you get a space where everything is kept in order or your bathroom will remind chaos. Therefore hasty choice should not be made when we speak about a washroom planning.